I've been crazy about boating and water since I learned how to swim at age three.  My parents never should have sent me to Camp Seagull when I was a teenager because I learned how to ski, sail, tie knots, and beg Mom and Dad for a boat. 

When I was talking with Stephanie about getting married, she was surprised at how much I had thought about getting married...so she asked what kind of honeymoon I thought we should have.  I told her that, rather than having a honeymoon, we should buy a boat.  Stephanie thought that was a grand idea.  And I immediately knew she's the one!

We ordered a 2005 Cobalt 220 with a 320 horsepower, 5.7 liter, fuel injected, Volvo-Penta duo-prop inboard-outboard through Lake Norman Marina.  They took excellent care of us and delivered the boat about 6 weeks later.  Cobalt boats are exceptionally well made and have a reputation for good ride and sharp handling.  In this size, they do a good job pulling skiers.  I've managed to get it dangerously close to 60 MPH - I'd say an honest 58. 

Shortly after we took delivery, Stephanie thought that maybe we should name the boat It's Hers.  That didn't go over all that well with me.  Sometimes we think Honeymoon is a good name.  Other times, we like Fifty-Fifty.  But there are times when I'm partial to Knot Hers.

These photos are from our first summer as a married couple and as boat owners.  All-in-all, it was a really nice honeymoon.

Rafting up, it's all about friends

...and visiting on a hot day

...and enjoying the wildlife

Getting ready for the 4th of July

Some people like it more than others

Not a bad spot to watch the fireworks from

I need better pics of my boat, but I like this angle

A nice flotilla and a beautiful day!

Stephanie just loves Arthur...the life jacket is priceless

Arthur, a.k.a. "AquaDog"

Beautiful women and ugly dogs...that's what boating is all about

Then there's beautiful women and precious children...not a bad way to end the day


UPDATE (June 2007):  After two years with our Cobalt, we decided to sell the boat.  My sister forwarded my for sale email to the right person, and I received an offer within 90 minutes. I made a counter-offer about an hour later. The buyer accepted my counter-offer within 5 minutes and made full payment in cash two days later (plus 2 weeks use of his beach house this summer, which includes use of the boat!) -- all on a sight-unseen basis and, oddly enough, just three days before our 2nd anniversary.

All-in-all, having a boat was awesome. I wouldn't say that the day I got our boat was the best day of my life, nor would I say that the day I sold it was the second best day. But they aren't called "boats" for no reason: b-o-a-t = break out another thousand.

We never did name the boat. At one point, it was going to be Honeymoon; then Fifty-Fifty; then Knot Hers. Now, I guess it's Knot Mine Either.

"Whether you think that you can; or that you cant; you are usually right."

– Henry Ford (1863-1947)


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