At the age of 49, my wife convinced me that we should do something together like ride bikes, you know something active and outside. I went along with it, we got fat-tired cruiser bikes, and I had a helluva time not letting her know how much pure unadulterated fun I was having! Then, about a year later, I I got one of those skinny-tired road bikes, a pair of those silly looking cycling britches that no man would be caught dead wearing unless he was Adonis incarnate, and a couple of the loudest, tackiest, brightest, glow-in-the-dark cycling jerseys money could buy. I became, in a word, a MAMIL - a middle aged man in lycra. And I'm pretty sure I've never had so much fun in my life and I don't mind that people look at me funny in the crazy getup that cyclists call a "kit."

"I have to say there seems to be more Americans here than ever before. And it might not be the sort of observation I’d make when I’m at home in Durango and all the tourists from Texas are pulling into town, but the Americans are a good looking crew – especially compared to the French mountain trolls who we run into each year. Unfortunately, too much inbreeding has left the trolls all twisted up, whereas the Americans make the show with straight up posture and good hair. "

          - Bob Roll (a/k/a "Bobke") commenting on the 2010 Tour de France


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