I cannot remember a time when I didn't like to go fast.

Bicycling. At the age of 49, my wife convinced me that we should do something together like ride bikes, you know something active and outside. I went along with it, we got fat-tired cruiser bikes, and I had a helluva time not letting her know how much pure unadulterated fun I was having! Then, about a year later, I got one of those skinny-tired road bikes, a pair of those silly looking cycling britches that no man would be caught dead wearing unless he was Adonis incarnate, and a couple of the loudest, tackiest, brightest, glow-in-the-dark cycling jerseys money could buy. I became, in a word, a MAMIL - a middle aged man in lycra. And I'm pretty sure I've never had so much fun in my life and I don't mind that people look at me funny in the crazy getup that cyclists call a "kit." (more)

Cars. I'm a seriously afflicted car nut.  I probably got hooked on cars when a neighbor got a Pontiac Firebird in 1969.  Or it may have been when one of my father's friends came over in a brand new, silver 1969 Porsche 911T.  There was just something about cars like those that stoked my imagination.  I was fascinated by the articles on cars in Popular Mechanics magazine.  Then the movie LeMans came out in 1971 with Steve McQueen.  Now it wasn't just about the cars, it was about the people, the drama and the zeal with which car people lived.  (more)

Boats. I've been crazy about boating and water since I learned how to swim at age three.  My parents never should have sent me to Camp Seagull when I was a teenager because I learned how to ski, sail, tie knots, and beg Mom and Dad for a boat. (more)


“We who take risks may die, but those who do not are already dead.”

– Jean Behra (French racing driver), as quoted by Brock Yates in June 2000 in memory of Car and Driver editor Don Schroeder, who was killed performing top speed tests of a RENNTech Mercedes-Benz.

“To this everlasting memory, Donald Martin Schroeder was vividly and proudly alive until the very last moment of his life.”

– Brock Yates, "Thoughts on a loss in the family," Car and Driver (June 2000).


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