I practice business, corporate and technology law with the Charlotte law firm Lockhart, pllc, which is on the web at http://Lockhart.pro. Law is my third career path, following immediately behind 5 years in banking, 1 year in insurance and 4 years in the Army (for anyone counting, I think of banking and insurance as a single career path).  I've always wanted to know "why."  Not, why I became a lawyer, but why to just about anything that might be stated as a fact.  Law answers a lot of the why questions.  It is the underpinning of the social contract between and among us.

I'm sorry if it sounds like I am exalting the law, when most people would rather grouse about it or make fun of its practitioners.  But I can't help but see the circumstances of civilization as largely the creation of principles that enable us to exist and interact in close proximity and with just enough order to halt the fall into anarchy and madness.  The law embodies these principles that are the lubricant and adhesive of society and civilization.

That's not to say that the law is perfect or that the Anglo/American tradition of common law is without folly or failure.  In the affairs of humankind, there will always be folly and failure.  But the law and the underlying principles represent our aspiration to rise above our natural instincts and live intelligently.

There are many questions about which a lawyer can be quick or be sure, but is unlikely to be both.

– Ed Williams, "I know the cell phone is wonderful, but...."  The Charlotte Observer, March 23, 2008




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